Ice Cream Lip Balm

KimspiredDIY shows you how to make DIY lip balm that looks like ice cream. How fun would it by to pull out ice cream and put it on your lips.  She has a couple different videos on ice cream lip balms and I suggest you check them all out.  Her videos are always so fun and creative and we love to watch her.  My daughters are obsessed with her lip balm videos – we have made so many of them but I don’t mind cuz they are fun and I know what products are going into them.  So if are looking for family friendly DIY videos then you should check out her channel.

Rainbow Ice Cream

Kawaiisweetworld has a ton of great videos – in this video she shows you how to make rainbow ice cream with no machine.  If you are looking for easy and fun cooking videos check her out.  She also has some DIY videos too so it’s not all cooking but this video shows you how to make delicious rainbow ice cream.  This one is sure to be a hit with the kids and the whole family. This ice cream looks amazing and would be great for an ice cream birthday party or a hot summer day.